Friday, October 24, 2014
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NTK KID KART Advanced Class

When: August 6th
Where: NTK Track Tech Barn
Time: 9:00am
What to bring: Your engine, tools and parts listed

Steve Lewis will be putting on an advanced class for all Kid Kart parents. The class will cover the complete tear down and rebuild of the Comer kid kart motor. The class will be held August 6th @ 9am. If you plan on attending and have a motor with a lot of time, I would suggest you buy the following prior to the class:

New Piston (make sure you get the correct A or B head)
New set of rings (preferably one lapped)
New seals (you will need 2)
4 or 5 different base gaskets for head (so the proper CC's can be attained)

We will cover all the different aspects of setting timing, CC's, and making sure your engine is legal before it hits the track. I have enclosed a price list of items you might need from Acceleration Karting:

Complete piston with rings*    $107.09
Seals (2) $9.95 ea
New carb needle $9.84
New clutch springs $5.35 ea
Exhaust gaskets $3.95 ea
Intake gaskets $2.75 ea
Cylinder gaskets $2.75 ea

* - if you do not want a new piston, consider just rings ($26.95).

Also, take the float off your carb and soak it in water. Hold down completely under water. Let it sit there for a couple of hours. This will tell you if it is leaking or has a hole in it. If so, you will have to replace it ($18.50 ea).

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NTK Board Member George Kraus NTK welcomes volunteers to help on race day and is always in need of corner workers. You do not need to be a member or racer to help work a race. Benefits include a free pass and a front row seat right in the middle of all the action. Visit the forum thread to view the worker list and sign up for a position. No experience is necessary please arrive 1 hour before racing starts for instructions. For more information contact Bob Schabel (972-221-2567).

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