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NTK 2012 Rulebook Changes

Here are some of the major changes in the NTK 2012 rulebook that will take effect on March 1st, 2012.

We are now using the IKF rulebook. The NTK rulebook will supersede the IKF rulebook. We have IKF rulebooks on sale for $15.00.

Starting March 1st, all karts must be equipped with a rear bumper to protect the driver and kart from rear impact and to keep a following kart from reaching the rear tires. The bumper may be either CIK style plastic “rear wheel protection” or steel tube of a double bar design. Welded on “elephant ear” extensions are permissible. The bumper shall extent to at least the center of the rear tires.

Kart weights must be painted white and have a nut and be drilled and safety wired.

The mounting position for the scoring transponder shall be placed a minimum of 12 inches rearward of the centerline of the top left king pin to the leading edge of the transponder. If it’s on the seat it’s OK. If you are running a Rotax kart, it will be per Rotax rules, and the transponder will need to be mounted on the seat. IKF rule 206.2

Rookie Drivers: FIRST TIME DRIVERS: All drivers racing or practicing at North Texas Kartway for the first time must display an orange number plate on the back of his/her kart and race at the back of the class for three (3) races. He/she must have their Rookie Card signed by three race directors or NTK elected officials.

The biggest change will be to the names of the classes. They are as follows:


NTK Senior Structured classes with engines and weights: Engine tech will be per IKF tech manual unless specified herein. See IKF manual for additional classes, rule 207 and 850.

2.1.5 KID KART: Ages 5 thru 7 years. Comer C-50 or C51 engines allowed. Chain guard to completely cover chain when viewed from above. Chain/Gearing: 219 chain, 10 tooth driver, 89-tooth axle sprocket. No “offset” karts. Wheelbase: minimum 29”, maximum 31” Width: Front, max. 40”, as measured to outside of rim/tire (no minimum). Rear minimum 39”, maximum 42”, as measured to outside of rim/tire. Rear bumper: Continuous loop shape with vertical or angled bracing connecting upper and lower loop rails. Must protect rear tires. Seat may not be offset beyond outside edge of left frame rail. Steering height, maximum 20”. Seat height minimum 12” Side pods or double nerf bars and nose cones are mandatory. Tires: MGs, Open compound. Front maximum 4:50-5 (the MG 4.60-5 will be allowed); Rear, maximum 5:50-5. Rear tire circumference, maximum 33 ¾”. Shall use stock or K&N air filters #rc-1250. NTK safety tech procedures and regulations apply. Weight: 150 lbs. minimum. Kid Kart Grids – 1st heat random, 2nd heat inverted, 3rd heat accumulated points from first two heats. Kid Karts will line up on the track as the shifter karts do (parents allowed on the track for the start and then must man a corner). Kid Kart is non-competitive class. All participants will receive first place points. Engine Tech per IKF tech.

We are implementing the following regulations for the grid and pit areas.

1) The practice of running engines at high rpm's for extended periods will no longer be allowed in pits, pre-grid or grid areas.
2) When in the pre-grid area no running is allowed
3) When in grid area the engines may only be run on the ground not on stands.
4) At events where fuel is supplied will be allowed a minimum amount of low RPM running to ensure the fuel has reached the carburetor. This will only be allowed when under the direct supervision of a designated race official.

We realize that it is frequently necessary to run the engine after maintenance, this will only be permitted at modest RPM levels for limited periods of time. Extended running at RPMs above clutch stall speeds to preheat motors prior to racing is no longer permitted.

2.1.6 Kid Kart: Local option Briggs 206 engine is offered as a new class for 2012. Ages 5-7. Gear, Weight, and Restrictor TBD. NTK Briggs Tech rules.

2.1.7 JUNIOR 2-CYCLE CLASSES: Rookie Sportsman, Junior Super Sportsman, TAG Cadet I, II, Rotax Micro Max, Rotax Mini Max, Rotax Junior Rotax, Chonda Jr I, II, III, Briggs Jr I, II, and 80cc Jr. Shifter may race separately or together and be scored separately. Classes will consist of not less than three (3) entries. Drivers registered in classes with less than three entries may be combined with other similar classes by speed and/or age and transfer any points earned to their target class at the discretion of the Race Director. If this is not acceptable by the drivers and/or driver’s parent/guardian, an entry refund will be given. Bodywork approved by the Race Director (for club races only) allowed for all Jr. 2-cycle classes. Engine and chassis tech are per current IKF and NTK tech, except where noted. CADET KARTS with minimum wheelbase of 35” may run in Rookie Sportsman class only, age (8-11).

2.1.8 Rookie Sportsman: Ages 8 thru 11 years. FUEL: gas and oil; ENGINE: Yamaha KT100S with Walbro WA55B or WA55-1 carburetor & manifold and RLV1 Spec Pipe; no Direct Drive, Weight 235lbs. May use any "CADET" kart that meets IKF tech.

2.1.9 Jr. Super Sportsman: Ages 12 thru 15 years; FUEL gas and oil. Yamaha KT100S with RLV2 Spec pipe, Weight 300 lbs. Tech per IKF rules.

2.1.10 SUPER SPORTSMAN: Ages 16 and older. Weight 340 lbs. Yamaha KT100S, gas and oil, with RLV3 Spec Pipe. Engine clutch per IKF rule 202.5.

2.1.11 YAMAHA MASTERS Stock Yamaha KT100S with RLV SSX 4-hole can or RLV3 Pipe, direct drive or clutch at 340 lbs (can)/360 lbs (pipe). With MG tires, no softer than FZ (yellow). Ages 32 and up. This class shall run Pea pick unless more than 50% of that event’s MASTER CAN racers want to use qualifying to determine grid order.

2.1.12 Rotax Max: All Rotax classes per Rotax Max Challenge rules except for batteries (after market gel type equivalents are acceptable), starters (may be aftermarket), new Air Boxes, and new Steel Clutch. Rotax driver license not required and tires must be MG brand, no softer than FZ (yellow). Aftermarket clutch pins OK. Engine must be sealed and passport is required. Rotax Micro Max: Ages 7-10. Weight 235. Rotax Mini Max: Ages 9-12. Weight 265. Rotax Junior: Ages 13-15, Weight 320. Rotax Senior: Ages 15 and older. Weight 365. Rotax Masters: Ages 32 and older, or 16 and older if driver weighs more than 190 lbs. with normal safety gear and without helmet. Rotax DD2: Ages 15 and older. Weight 385. Rotax DD2 Masters: Age 32 and older. Weight 410.

2.1.13 Chonda: All Chonda Classes are per AKRA 2012 rules. Blue or Yellow Harbor Freight motor. For all classes for all Final heats, all Chonda karts will remain at scales until all have been weighed until released by scales official after the call for any claims. To claim an engine competitor must finish on the lead lap. The first person to fill out claiming form with $200 cash (or $250 if the Billet Flywheel is included) in hand and presented to the race director will be allowed the claim. Engine is minus the clutch/chain guard/throttle kit/header pipe/muffler/air filter adapter/air filter/top plate/ & fuel pump. Claimed engine must pass tech or claim can be refused. 87 Octane Gas Only. Refusing to accept the claimer will result in immediate disqualification of competitor along with forfeiture points. Competitor will also not be allowed to compete any longer in that class. Must use MG tires. Chonda Jr. I: Ages 8-10. Weight 265 lbs. With 0.500 inch maximum intake restrictor. Chonda Jr. II: Ages 10-12. Weight 290 lbs. With 0.550 inch maximum intake restrictor. Chonda Jr. III: Ages 12-15. Weight 320 lbs with no restrictor. Chonda Senior Light: Ages 16 and up. Weight 320lbs with no restrictor. Chonda Senior Heavy: Ages 16 and up. Weight 385lbs with no restrictor.

2.1.14 * TAG: Per the TAG 2012 rules, tires must be MG brand, no softer than FZ (yellow). TAG Cadet I: Ages 8-12. Weight 230 lbs. Gazelle engines. TAG Cadet 2:
Ages 8-12. Weight 240 lbs. Gazelle, Parilla Mini Swift, and Vortex Mini Rok engines TAG Junior: Ages 13-15. Weight 320 lbs. TAG Senior: Ages 16 and older. PRD at 345 lbs. Rotax Max FR 125 at 355 lbs.; Sonik TX125 at 385 lbs.; Parilla Leopard at 355 lbs.; Vortex Rok TT at 375 lbs.; Motori Seven at 370 lbs. TAG Masters: Ages 35 and older. Weight for each engine package is +30 lbs. based on TAG Senior weight.

2.1.15 Briggs & Stratton Sealed Animal Box Stock classes: Sponsored by KAM karting, engines built by KAM karting. The intent of this class is to offer an affordable spec engine package for the beginning or veteran karter on a level playing field with their peers. This engine is not to be modified in any way. No machining to this class of engines will be allowed. No Blueprinting, No porting, and no modification or changing the internal or external components. The seal on the engine must stay intact at all times and can only be replaced by KAM Karting or their authorized representative. This class will run on unleaded pump gas (no performance additives) and will be controlled either by the honor system, a pump around, electronic fuel tech, or a controlled fuel point.

The following components are required for the engine package and must remain stock as they came from the manufacture:

  • Sealed Animal Box Stock (by KAM) or Sealed LO 206 W/555681 PLV

  • Noram Clutch – with light or heavy shoes (any Noram spring, any number of teeth)

  • Chain Guard

  • Robertson Animal Pipe (can be drilled for EGT sensor)

  • Fuel pump Kit B&S P/N 808656

  • Air Filter (K&N or equivalent, must be oiled with filter oil only, cannot be used dry)

The following is a list of things the race can do to the engine:

  • Replace the spark plug.

  • Use an index washer under the spark plug.

  • Change the main jet to suit the conditions.

  • Change the oil.

  • Attach a cylinder head temperature sensor, tachometer sensor and EGT sensor.

  • Use an Outerwear filter sock over the air filter.

  • Install an overflow catch tank line to the breather tube.

  • Wrap the header with insulation tape.

  • Rebuild the carburetor and fuel pump with stock parts.

  • Adjust the valve lash per factory specs. Animal Box Stock Junior 1: Ages 8-11. Weight 225 lbs. Sealed Animal Box Stock 206 Option. Fuel pump gas. Animal Box Stock Junior 2: Ages 12-15. Weight 275 lbs. Sealed Animal Box Stock 206 Option. Fuel pump gas. Animal Box Stock Medium: Ages 16 and older. Weight 325 lbs. Sealed Animal Box Stock (by KAM) or Sealed LO W/555681 PLV. Fuel pump gas. Animal Box Stock Heavy: Ages 16 and older. Weight 350 lbs. Sealed Animal Box Stock (by KAM) or Sealed LO W/555681 PLV. Fuel pump gas.

2.1.16 SKUSA Shifters: Per SKUSA 2012 rules. All classes must use MG tires. S1 – This class is reserved for advanced level Spec Honda drivers. 125cc Spec Honda. Age 15 and older. Weight 385. S2 – This class is reserved for Semi-Pro Spec Honda drivers. 125cc Spec Honda. Ages 15 and older. *14 allowed with Race Directors approval. Weight 385. S3 – Spec Honda Novice drivers. 125cc Spec Honda. Ages 15 and older. *14 allowed with Race Directors approval. Weight 395. S4 – Spec Honda Master drivers. 125cc Spec Honda. Age 30 and older. Weight 405. S5 – Spec Honda, restricted for junior drivers. 125cc Spec Honda restricted. Ages 12 to 15. Weight 340. G1 – Age based class. 125cc Moto/ICC. Age 30 and older. Weight 405 K1 - 80cc class for adults. 80/85cc Moto. Ages 14 and older. Weight 360 without front brakes. 370 with front brakes. K2 - 80cc class for junior age drivers. 80/85cc Moto. Ages 12 to 15. Weight 320 without front brakes. 330 with front brakes.

2.1.17 IKF Shifters: Per IKF rules. Must use MG tires.

2.1.18 Formula 80/85 Senior: Age 16 and older. Weight 360. No front brakes allowed. Honda CR80, CR85, Kawaski KX80, KX85, Suzuki RM80, RM85, Yamaha YZ80, YZ85, TM80 MX, TM 85 MX.

2.1.19 Formula 125: Ages 16 and up. Weight 385. All production Moto Cross based, single cylinder, 125cc max. displacement, reed induction engines only.

2.1.20 STRUCTURED CLASSES MAY BE ADDED OR DROPPED, due to increase interest or lack of participation, on an annual basis.

POINTS FOR OVERALL FINISHES: NTK point chart will be used for Series and Year-end awards, based on overall finishes at each race day (i.e. 1st place, 200 points plus number of entries in class; 2nd place, 190 points plus number of entries in class, etc.). Third place, etc. listed below are always “plus number of entries in class.” (See IKF rule 800.12)


Finish Position


Finish Position





























































95 Any driver disqualified from a main or final shall lose any position awards, not points, for the class from which they were disqualified.

2.3.22 NTK CLUB TIRE RULE: All Kid Kart, Junior and Senior classes will run MG tires, any compound except for Yamaha Master Can, TAG and Rotax, for club sprint races at NTK. This rule is subject to review each year depending on sponsor availability. Yamaha Master Can, TAG and Rotax will run with MG tires, no softer than FZ (yellow).

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YSR Motorcycles @NTK, Track Closed

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