Friday, November 21, 2014
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Race Day Procedures

Arrival at North Texas Kartway

All drivers, pit crew or spectators must register at the gatehouse before entering the property. If racers arrive early they must register as soon as registration opens.

  • If you registered online, bypass the lines & go directly into the gatehouse to sign for your pre-prepared registration packet containing your race credentials. Otherwise, proceed to one of the gatehouse windows and inform the person working that you are going to race (or your son or daughter, if you are a parent). They will give the racer a drivers pass. Everyone else will also need a pit pass. Fill out the pass and the liability release that has your name and pit pass number on it. Drivers pit passes ARE NOT included in the entry fee. 
  • NTK members have precedence over the kart numbers. If your number conflicts with a club member's in your class you will be asked to pick a different number. The numbers are on file at registration and stick-on numbers and number panels can be purchased at reduced cost. 
  • Fees are as follows. If you buy two classes, you get your third and fourth entries free, so sign up for as many as you want. 
  • You will be given an arm band. Please make it easy for our volunteers and yourself by wearing it on either wrist so that it is plainly visable. The wrist band signifies that you have paid the insurance fee (the pit pass) and that you are permitted to set up in a pit space.

    Race Fees
    Member Type Entry Pit Total
    Member $30 $10 $40
    Non-member $50 $10 $60

When you arrive, go to the window marked "Spectators" and ask for a pit pass. This pass is $8 and grants you permission to roam the pits and spectator areas freely. No one is allowed on the track except racers, their crew, or workers. There is a grandstand between the track and grid in a fenced area that will allow you to see the whole track and all the action during the various heat races. Please wear your arm band on either wrist so that it is plainly visable. If you have small children with you, please keep an eye on them. Young children have been known to innocently take souvenirs such as a tool that someone might be using, or swallow something important, or to lean on something hot and burn themselves. Also, remember these karts are personal racing vehicles privately owned and not for rent. Before you try it on for size, find the owner and ask their permission. Our racers are friendly and will be glad to show you their equipment but keep in mind they may be getting ready for the next race and might be busy.

You may purchase 110V power for $5 per socket on the equipped light poles along the pit runner. This power is limited in current and is primarily intended for tools and additional lighting. Please do not operate air conditioners or heaters. If using a generator, please be considerate of others regarding noise and exhaust. The Race Director is responsible for turning on power to your electrical outlets once you have paid.

Race Staff

The Race Director for each race is assigned to one of the NTK Board of Directors. The duties of the Race Director are to identify volunteer workers for each of the required positions and mange the conduct of the event. The Race Director will be wearing a "Bullseye" Orange Vest.

Registration Workers
have the task of operating the Registration located at the entrance to the track facility.

Timing and Scoring Workers
establish the Grid Sheets and conduct the Race Schedule, timing and scoring activities from the Scoring Tower.

Grid Position Worker
manages the pre-race staging for each race and has control of the microphone to make announcements. In some events this position may double as a Race Announcer when the worker is comfortable with doing so.

Pre-Tech is done at certain races where pre-race inspection is done to karts and safety equipment to assure compliance with safety requirements. It is not generally intended to evaluate performance related objects.

Post-Tech is done at certain races where post race inspection is done to karts to assure they are conforming to competition rules.

Scale Position Worker is required at all races to weigh the karts coming off the track after each race.

The Flagman
is required to flag the races, and should be a seasoned racer familiar with Flagman duties, including the set-up, operation, and tear down of the electronic support systems.

Corner workers
are assigned to each corner to observe competitors for driving infractions and provide Yellow Flag warning conditions to the competitors.

Race Format

Controlled Practice - classes are organized in groups, controlled pratice begins a couple of hours before qualifying. Drivers should not practice before they register and purchase a driver pass.

Qualifying - Classes are divided into groups for 5 minute qualifying sessions.

Pre-Final Heat - Classes are gridded according to qualifying times. Rookie drivers grid behind non Rookies. The pre-final heat is 8 laps.

Final Heat
- Grid is set by Pre-Final finishing positions. Rookie drivers grid behind non Rookies. The Final Heat is 12 laps.

Upcoming Events

12.04.2014 19:30 - 21:30
NTK Membership Meeting

12.09.2014 19:00 - 22:00
NTK Board of Director's Mtg 7:30pm

NTK Banquet @ Robson Ranch

Volunteers Welcome

NTK Board Member George Kraus NTK welcomes volunteers to help on race day and is always in need of corner workers. You do not need to be a member or racer to help work a race. Benefits include a free pass and a front row seat right in the middle of all the action. Visit the forum thread to view the worker list and sign up for a position. No experience is necessary please arrive 1 hour before racing starts for instructions. For more information contact Bob Schabel (972-221-2567).

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