Friday, November 21, 2014
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  • Hallelujah! Sunday's A Good Day For Racing

    Rain, rain come today,But let us have our race Sunday.Fast they were.Round they went.Show us the line,For all this money we spent.Though Saturday was best spent watching the much needed raindrops fall from sky, on Sunday the group made it rain with Winter...
  • Hey Campers, We've Got An Updated 2012 Race Schedule

    So you've memorized the 2012 race schedule? Downloaded it into your oh-so-smart phone? Not so fast. We've got a 2012 race schedule that is hot off the presses with updated dates for summer. Enjoy and careful not to burn yourself....
  • Winter 3 Bowled Over With Superness

    Saturday was the real day of action and excitement. Plus, it had the benefit of no halftime show by Madonna. Instead, it was chock full of racing goodness. Find out who was standing when the smoke cleared with the race results . You can also check whose K...