Click here to download a zip file of the data acquisition and analysis files from the AiM LearnFast 2015. (476MB)

Data Aquisition 101 - Presentation from Cloud 9 Motorsports

  • Purpose & Function
  • Measured Parameters
  • Analysis Software
  • System Schematic
  • Orientation
  • Sensors & Accessories
  • Wheel Speed Sonsors
  • GPS
  • To Download or Not to Download?
  • Set Up at the Track
  • After Each Session
  • Data Records
  • Track Map
  • Lap Time Analysis
  • Split Time Report
  • Lap Comparison
  • Lateral & Longitudinal Acceleration
  • Channel Report
  • FAQ

Originally presented at NTK by Jeff Cloud on May 9, 2008.

How to Align and Scale Your Kart - Article by National Karting News

scale_kart Steering Alignment
  • Tools
  • Squaring process
  • Adjusting toe
  • Mark steering shaft & upper steering support


Scaling Your Kart

  • Scales and tools
  • Leveling, zeroing & calibrating scales
  • Front & back weight percentages
  • Equation to calculate front weight percentage
  • Kart preparation before scaling
  • Squaring kart on scales
  • Lead distribution
  • Hardware needed
  • Frame alignment

The Art of Installing a Seat - Article by National Karting News

Installing a Kart Seat
  • Selecting the right seat size
  • Mounting hardware
  • Tools
  • Seat mounting location
  • Adjusting seat attachments
    Tip: Try using a piece of tubing or pipe over the 
    seat attachment & use it as a lever to slowly move the
    seat attachment instead of using mallet blows to move it.
  • Adjusting attachment tabs
  • Measure twice, drill once
  • Seat struts
  • Note the Bell helmet ad in the article featuring NTK member Devin Mauk!