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    Spectators Welcome!

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COVID-19 Status

Due to federal and local mandates for social distancing to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus NTK will be closed to the public. Only racers, members and their guests are allowed on the property until further notice.

Fall Series Races

  • Race 1 - Sep 19 5pm FWD
  • Race 2 - Sep 26 5pm FWD
  • Race 3 - Oct 10 1pm FWD
  • Race 4 - Oct 17 1pm BWD
  • Race 5 - Oct 31 1pm BWD
  • Race 6 - Nov 7 1pm FWD
  • Race 7 - Nov 14 1pm FWD

Upcoming Events


5:00 pm - 10:00 pm


5:00 pm - 10:00 pm


6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Workers Fall 1

Matt Wolfe still needs workers for Fall 1 Click Here to sign up to work a race to earn membership renewal credits and have the best seat in the house to watch the racing action up close!

The NTK MEGA Fall Series

2020 Mega Season FB

2020 has been "all jacked up." Where we're from, we'd say she was "one brick shy of a load." So, let's ride 'er out in style: One Big Texas-Sized Season!

The "series" will still be called "Fall" for sanity purposes, but points will combine for the year.

And what the heck, let's throw a doubleheader in the pot.

We will combine all series (Spring/Summer and Fall series) into the MEGA Season, allowing 2 drops and 2 works. We'll run a doubleheader for Fall 7 / Fall 8 to help fill it out, for a total of 13 races to decide the championship!

So, if you feel like 2020 made the cheese fall off your cracker, I have just the prescription: Let's race!!!

  • Race 1 - Sep 19 5pm FWD
  • Race 2 - Sep 26 5pm FWD
  • Race 3 - Oct 10 1pm FWD
  • Race 4 - Oct 17 1pm BWD
  • Race 5 - Oct 31 1pm BWD
  • Race 6 - Nov 7 1pm FWD
  • Race 7 - Nov 14 1pm FWD

Race Registration Procedures for Fall Race 1 September 19th, 2020

Our registration and check-in process is modified to comply with our insurance company's current requirements: 

1.   Register and pay online by 10pm Thursday, September 17th. PRINT your race registration confirmation email and your paid receipt and bring it to the track.

o   NOTE: Your race registration is not paid for unless you receive a separate payment confirmation email from Paypal.

2.   PRINT and SIGN attached Waiver Release form (and Parent Consent if appropriate) PRIOR to heading to the track on race day.

o   You may use 1 Adult Waiver Release form per car.

o   The Parent Consent form must be completed for each racing minor regardless of whether you have filled this form out previously.

o   We do not need to witness your signature at the track. Please sign the appropriate forms before you arrive.

3.   DRIVE-THRU registration check-in will open at 0800 hours on race day.

o   During Drive-Thru registration, hand your printed and signed documents to the NTK volunteer, who will provide you with your pre-paid wrist bands, as well as any pre-purchased tickets for fuel, tires, oil, and transponder rental.

o   All purchases (including pit passes, transponder rental, fuel, oil, tires) must be made by Thursday July 16th.

4.   PICK UP your pre-purchased oil, fuel, tires, and transponder rental outside the Tech Barn.

5.   You must complete the registration process and have a wrist band before any driver is allowed on the race track surface. Wrist bands will be checked for open and organized practice.

6.   Additional specific safety rules and recommendations will be provided via email and posted on our website. Please be respectful and courteous.

o   Please note that face masks are mandatory in enclosed areas occupied by NTK volunteers (Gate House, Scoring Tower, Tech Barn). BYOM - Bring Your Own Mask!

o   Also, no food service will be available for the June 6th race. All drivers, spectators, volunteers, officials, and families must bring their own food and drink. We apologize for the inconvenience.

o   We recommend to keep the group of family participants small (1 to 4) including the driver.

o   If you are feeling sick, stay home.

o   Practice social distancing at all times.

We highly recommend to every person entering our premises to abide our guidelines to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Participation in this event is at your own risk.

Remember: do not drive over the Pit Runner.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding as we work through the evolving requirements of our insurance company and local, state and federal guidelines. Please contact Bob Schabel at  if you have any questions.

We need Volunteers to help make this a safe and successful event. Please sign-up here to help: https://volunteersignup.org/9MD8W

Thank you for registering and we look forward to seeing you at the track!

General Rules For Races at NTK

General Rules for Races at NTK, created in compliance with the Governor’s checklist for Outdoor Motorsports Events, and our insurance company's requirements:

  1. Everyone over the age of 10 must wear a face mask or helmet on NTK property when outside their pit spot.
    • According to the CDC, a face mask provides a barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from spreading Covid-19. Fortunately, a cloth Balaclava or Neck Gator qualifies as a mask under government guidelines when worn over the nose and mouth.
  2. Everyone must maintain proper social distancing of at least 6 feet from other individuals who are not from the same household.
  3. No gathering in groups larger than 10 people.
  4. The Race Registration deadline is Thursday at 10pm. Pit Passes are limited to 5 people per Driver.
  5. Specific guidelines for the Pit Spots, Grid, and Tech Barn will be provided.
The Race Director will stop the race if anyone does not comply with the mask and social distancing rules. If infractions continue, the race may be cancelled permanently. If you are unwilling or unable to comply with these rules, please do not register for this race.
If you have any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will promptly reply. We will immediately communicate any new requirements affecting these guidelines.
We appreciate your full cooperation for our race on July 18. We also need a lot of volunteers to be successful. Please sign up at our website.

Let’s get back to racing!

Your NTK Officers and Board of Directors

Points and Race Results Through Spring/Summer 6

north texas karters dallas karting 99b

Check out the Spring/Summer 6 race results and updated Spring/Summer Points Standings following the Spring/Summer 6 race. Please look the points over and let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know right away if you have any questions.

A big "Thank You!" to all the racers that attended NTK's Spring/Summer 3 race. 

We look forward to seeing everyone again at the NTK Spring/Summer 4 race.

NTK Spring/Summer Series Race Dates:

  • Race 1 - Feb 29, RD=OK White, 1pm FWD
  • Race 2 - May 30, RD=Matt Wolfe, 1pm FWD
  • Race 3 - June 6, RD=Mike Eddolls, 1pm FWD
  • Race 4 - June 27, RD=Richard Fogarty, 5pm BWD Cancelled
  • Race 5 - July 11, RD=Juan Gomez, 5pm BWD Cancelled
  • Race 6 - July 18, RD=Luis Valdez, 5pm FWD
  • Race 7 - Aug 29, RD=OK White, 5pm FWD

NTK 2020 Briggs & Stratton Racing Series Schedule

Be a part of the NTK 2020 Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series! The following NTK race dates will qualify for points in the series.

  • June 6th
  • June 27th Cancelled
  • July 11th Cancelled
  • July 18th
  • August 15th
  • August 29th
  • September 26th
  • October 10th
  • October 17th
  • October 21st

No additional fees - everyone that races at NTK with the LO206 engine is eligible and entered automatically into the series!

More info here on the Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series website https://www.briggsracing.com/weekly-racing-series

NTK Spring/Summer 7 Race Series

2020 NTK Spring Summer Series FB

 Because of rescheduling due to COVID-19 NTK now has the following race schedule for the 2020 Spring/Summer series.

  • Race 1 - Feb 29, RD=OK White, 1pm FWD
  • Race 2 - May 30, RD=Matt Wolfe, 1pm FWD
  • Race 3 - June 6, RD=Mike Eddolls, 1pm FWD
  • Race 4 - June 27, RD=Richard Fogarty, 5pm BKW CANCELLED
  • Race 5 - July 11, RD=Juan Gomez, 5pm BWD  CANCELLED
  • Race 6 - July 18, RD=Luis Valdez, 5pm FWD
  • Race 7 - Aug 29, RD=OK White, 5pm FWD

Only racers and their guests are allowed on the property until further notice.  Racers, drivers and their guests must purchase passes online in advance with their Spring/Summer 4 race registration by June 25th, 2020.

Racing to Resume @ NTK May 30th, 2020

We’re going back racing on May 30th at 1pm. 

There will be procedures that will need to be followed to meet the requirements of CDC and all county and local guidelines. Ultimately we have to make sure that our track stays open by being compliant. The procedures will be finalized and published in the week leading up to the race.

We know this time is challenging and can be personally upsetting. We all have the same goal, to get back to racing. Please be patient while we all work through this together. 

COVID-19 Status Update - April 28th, 2020

While we are aware that some other tracks have chosen to begin racing again, the NTK Board of Directors has considered the options for the safety and concern of all of our members, from young to old. We want to get out there and start mixing it up too.

Let’s stay the course and remain vigilant as hard as it is. The track is open for members at their own discretion and risk. The BoD will be further discussing our track racing plans in our next meeting on May 14th.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. We are all in this together. Be safe and stay healthy.

Drivers Fall 1

Name Class2nd Class
LiamWaltherKid Kart Comer
LeeWaltherTag Master
KyleWalther206 Senior
MichaelMellingerTag Senior
Ayrton McAlister206 Jr 1
CharlesJohnson206 Jr 2
Richard Fogarty100cc Senior 206 Heavy
ThomasWatkins206 Senior
MasonBarry206 Jr 1
CarsonBarry206 Jr 1
GiulioFausti206 Jr 2
MattWolfe206 Heavy
CaidenWolfe206 Jr 2
Ethan Wolfe206 Senior 100cc Senior
KyleRiedelTag Senior
PhyliciaRiedelTag Senior
Kingston Himes 100cc Junior
AlexPope206 Jr 1
AndrewRivera206 Jr 2
RobertArana206 Jr 1
KoenSummers206 Jr 2
ZanderRogers206 Senior
Francosacripanti206 Senior
MatthewDuketteTag Cadet 1 206 Jr 1
ChaseMeyer206 Senior
LandonMelson206 Jr 2
JasonShort206 Heavy
PhilipWinegeart206 Jr 2
KeithanHutchins206 Heavy
KadenGray206 Senior
ThomasSmith206 Jr 1
PedroLarrea206 Heavy
ChuckJensen206 Senior
rubenascencio100cc Senior
RyanGomez206 Senior
ShelbyRamirez206 Jr 1
Anabel Day206 Jr 1
DylanTowne100cc Senior
NicholasStouffer100cc Junior
stevehoyles206 Heavy
ColtonUnderhill206 Senior
CollinUnderhill206 Senior
RobertWarren206 Jr 2 100cc Junior
Christian RuizTag Cadet 1
DustinDeleon206 Heavy
LandenWelker206 Jr 2
AndrewBusken206 Heavy
LucasNilson206 Jr 2
Brayden Robertson100cc Junior
ChrisHoyles206 Senior
AdrianCruz206 Senior 100cc Senior
RoyceJohnson206 Senior
PashaAliKid Kart Honda
AustinHigginbotham 206 Jr 2
TonyGonsior206 Senior
BrandonWeaver206 Heavy
JamaalKeita206 Senior
NicholasWilliams206 Senior
Asher Ludwig Kid Kart Honda
NicholasGeorgeTag Cadet 2
DrewChappell206 Jr 2
VinnieMeskelis206 Jr 2
PaulGreen206 Senior
JohnGraybiel206 Jr 2
AshlynSpeed100cc Junior
AvaElder206 Jr 2
LiamDonald206 Jr 1
AlfredAlvarez Del Castillo206 Jr 2
MatthewWestfall206 Jr 1
ChristopherTracey206 Jr 1
JoeyFriend206 Jr 2
Results 1 - 75 of 75

Night Race Schedule

Night Races
2:00pm Controlled Practice
4:30 Drivers Meeting
5:00pm Racing Starts

Track Weather

2019 Class Champs

Kid Kart Comer Asher Ludwig
Kid Kart Honda Emmett Eddolls
Tag Cadet 1 Ethan Thomason
Tag Cadet 2 Landon Skinner
Tag Senior Dylan Towne
X30 Jr Adrian Cruz
LO206 Jr 1 Caiden Wolfe
LO206 Jr 2 Brayden Robertson
LO206 Senior Chuck Jensen
LO206 Heavy Chuck Cornwell
Sr Spr Sportsman Josiah Tracy
Shifter Juan David Gomez

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