• Schedule Your FREE Demo Ride!

    Schedule Your FREE Demo Ride!

    All ages welcome! Contact Bob Schabel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 940-230-4334 for more information.
  • Join North Texas Karters!

    Join North Texas Karters!

    NTK is member owned racing facility featuring a .5 mile asphalt track with 9 turns. Members have unlimited use of the track!
  • Kart Racing for Ages 5 to 95!

    Kart Racing for Ages 5 to 95!

    Racing for all ages! Kid Karts age 5-7, Cadets 8-12, Juniors 12-15, Adults 16+ Read More
  • Spectators Welcome!

    Spectators Welcome!

    NTK hosts 18 club kart races a year, spectator passes are only $10 adults, $8 ages 5-17, Kids under 5 are free!
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Free Demo Rides

Fall Series

  • Race 1 - Aug 10 5pm FWD
  • Race 2 - Sep 7 5pm Short
  • Race 3 - Sep 14 5pm FWD
  • Race 4 - Oct 5 1pm FWD
  • Race 5 - Oct 12 1pm FWD
  • Race 6 - Oct 26 1pm FWD
  • Race 7 - Nov 9 1pm BWD
  • Race 8 - Nov 16 1pm FWD

Upcoming Events


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Worker Signup

We still need workers for the next NTK race Click Here to sign up to work a race to earn membership renewal credits and have the best seat in the house to watch the racing action up close!

Letter From The President

john rayWell crew, it's time to start our Spring Race Series! Everyone should have their membership dues in by now, because if you haven't paid by Spring Race 1 you won't be eligible for series points at that race.

You will need to have your kart inspected for safety along with your driving togs and a current helmet rating. Remember all drivers 15 and under have to wear a neck brace. All of this is for your safety and the safety of other drivers. Safety wire, cotter pins, e-clips, locking nuts (locking nuts should not be re-used after one time usage), brake safety cables, weights double nutted or safety wired, axle clips or set screws in hubs should be in place and so on.

Drivers and parents of youth drivers, personal attitudes will be being watched closely. So be friendly on and off the track. Keep a cool head and mind your manners.

Remember this is not a contact sport or NASCAR, so as far as defensive driving as in blocking or other irregular moves on the track are concerned, black flags will be used as warranted. No pushing, swerving, bumping, corner diving at the last second, banking off the other driver in a turn and running them off the track, spitting, cussing, or other shows of temper will be allowed. Throwing your helmet down in disgust will be allowed, but only if it has an expensive custom paint job on it.

Best of luck to all this year. Drive safe and above all have fun!

John Ray

Respect the Kids

kid kartsBy the rules, Kid Kart racers must practice by themselves on the track without any other class of karts. So, they need the track in 10~12 minute increments.

If you see a Kid Kart waiting to go on the track to practice, please wait and let the drivers currently on the track exit, and give the Kid Kart their time. If you see the parent of a Kid Kart racer giving you the one-lap-left sign, please exit the track so they can get some time in.

Facebook Group

We have setup a Facebook group for open discussions, classifieds and general mayhem. It's getting great usage.

Please visit the following link or search for North Texas Karters Group in Facebook and click the "Join" button.


NTK Spring Race Series

NTK Spring Race Series FBI don't know about you, but I'm super excited about the Spring Race Series. This is when we all get back in the swing of things. Karting improves your reflexes, strengthens your body, quickens your mind, releases stress and is just plain fun.

Race 1 will be coming up this Saturday, March 10th. My phone tells me that the weather will be spectacular.

Register here: https://www.ntkarters.com/register/race-registration.html

Garage & Storage Available

NTK has the following available options to any member that needs one:

  • Garage available ($100.00 a month)
  • Storage Units available ($50.00 a month)

These are directly behind the tech barn. Contact Bob Schabel at 940-230-4334 for information.

Membership Renewal Deadline!

The locks will be changed and the gate cards for those who have not renewed their membership will be deactivated at the conclusion of Spring 1.

Membership will be available to take renewals and issue keys at the general member meeting this Thursday, March 8th. Cash, checks, or credit cards will be accepted at the meeting.

Night Race Schedule

Night Races
1:00pm Registration Opens
2:00pm Controlled Practice
4:30pm Drivers Meeting
5:00pm Racing Starts

2023 Class Champs

KidKart Honda Brennan Barsch
Tag Cadet 1 Dutch Westbrook
Tag Cadet 2 Sophia Sadigova
Tag Senior Ronald Mullins
LO206 Jr 1 Emmett Eddolls
LO206 Jr 2 Shelby Ramirez
LO206 Sr Landon Melson
LO206 Heavy Mikayla Bradley
100cc Junior Christian Ruiz
100cc Senior Alfredo Alvarez del Castillo
100cc Masters     Evan Kozak

Track Weather

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