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    NTK is member owned racing facility featuring a .5 mile asphalt track with 9 turns. Members have unlimited use of the track!
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    Kart Racing for Ages 5 to 95!

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    Spectators Welcome!

    NTK hosts 18 club kart races a year, spectator passes are only $10 adults, $8 ages 5-17, Kids under 5 are free!
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Free Demo Rides

Spring Series

  • Race 1 - Feb 17 1pm FWD
  • Race 2 - Mar 2 1pm FWD
  • Race 3 - Mar 16 1pm FWD
  • Race 4 - Mar 30 1pm Short
  • Race 5 - April 6 1pm FWD
  • Race 6 - April 27 1pm FWD
  • Race 7 - May 11 1pm BWD
  • Race 8 - June 1 5pm FWD


Upcoming Events


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Worker Signup

We still need workers for the next NTK race Click Here to sign up to work a race to earn membership renewal credits and have the best seat in the house to watch the racing action up close!

NTK 300 Laps: Sponsored by Maxwell Paper Products Benefiting Toys for Tots December 2, 2023

2023 Endurance Race Final web

  • Team endurance race. Minimum 2 drivers per team.
  • Entry fee: a new unwrapped toy (valued at $20+) benefiting Toys for Tots + team entry fee: $75 per Kid Kart team, $100 per Junior team, $150 per Senior/Heavy
  • Pea Pick for starting Grid.
  • Le Mans style standing start.
  • 3 Main Event Sessions. Different classes practice, race together. Scored separately.
    ○ 50 Laps – Session 1: Kid Karts
    ○ 125 Laps – Session 2: LO206 Junior 1, LO206 Junior 2
    ○ 300 Laps – Session 3: LO206 Senior, LO206 Heavy
  • Kid Karts: Required minimum 3 team entries to race. If 5 Kid Kart teams race, TSRS will offer a free 2024 Kid Kart entry to each member of the 1st place team (1 per driver, 2 total entries). If the minimum entry is not met by Thursday at 10pm, the class will be dropped.
  • Junior 1. Junior 2, Senior, and Heavy classes: Required minimum 5 team entries to race. If the minimum entry is not met by Thursday at 10p, the class will be dropped.
  • No NTK Tire Sales (they are all designated for our banquet prizes), so you will need to purchase your tires elsewhere.
  • Pit Passes are NOT included in Race Entry and are needed for all Drivers, Crew, and Spectators. Adults: $10, Kids age 5-17: $8, Kids under 5: free.
  • Cash Prizes!


Mandatory minimum of 3 team entries for Kid Karts, 5 team entries for all other classes.

Classes Entry fee per team Weight* #Drivers #Pit Stops Race laps Prizes
Kid Kart
Sponsored by Texas Sprint Racing Series
$75 + Toy donation 160lbs 2 drivers
(min 20 laps per driver)
1 min 50 laps

1st: $125**
2nd: $75
3rd: $50
**BONUS: Free TSRS race entry for 1st place team if 5 teams race. 

LO206 Junior 1
Sponsored by Shaw Stickers and Stuff
$100+ Toy donation  240 lbs.

2-4 drivers
(min 25 laps per driver)

3 min 125 laps 1st: $250
2nd: $125
3rd: $75 
LO206 Junior 2

 $100+ Toy donation  310 lbs. 2-4 drivers
(min 25 laps per driver)
3 min 125 laps 1st: $250
2nd: $125
3rd: $75
LO206 Senior
Sponsored by Speedclub
$150+ Toy donation   360 lbs. 2-4 drivers
(min 35 laps per driver)
4 min 300 laps 1st: $500
2nd: $250
3rd: $125
LO206 Heavy
Sponsored by Bradley Motorsports
$150+ Toy donation   390 lbs. 2-4 drivers
(min 35 laps per driver)
4 min 300 laps 1st: $500
2nd: $250
3rd: $125

*Weight is determined by total weight of the kart plus the average weight of the team drivers. See below.


8am Registration Opens
9-10am Controlled Practice

9am: Kid Kart
9:10am Junior 1 & Junior 2
9:20am Senior & Heavy
9:30am: Kid Kart (team weigh-in and tire-marking following practice)
9:40am: Junior 1 & Junior 2 (team weigh-in and tire-marking following practice)
9:50am: Senior & Heavy

10:30am: Driver’s Meeting for Kid Kart & Junior teams and National Anthem
11am: 50 Laps: Kid Kart Teams
12pm: 125 Laps: Junior 1 & Junior 2 Teams
2-2:15pm: Senior & Heavy Warm Up (team weigh-in and tire marking following warm up)
2:30pm: Driver’s Meeting for Senior & Heavy teams
          Podiums for Kid Kart & Junior Teams
3pm: 300 Laps: Senior & Heavy Teams
7:30pm: Podiums for Senior & Heavy Teams


  • Pit Pass purchase required for ALL Drivers, Crew, and Spectators. Race entry DOES NOT include Driver Pit Pass. Pit passes can be purchased during registration or separately.
  • We will race rain or shine.
  • All applicable NTK Club rules apply. Dry tires Evinco Blues (4.6 - 6.0) and MG rain tires (4.6 - 6.0). Ethanol free Buc-ee’s fuel pumps 241 & 242.
  • Must follow rules on kart, engines, and safety equipment per IKF, Briggs Stratton and NTK Rulebook. Penalties will follow the NTK rules, with the exception that penalties will be lap-based instead of time or position-based. Any penalties will be imposed at the discretion of the Race Director.
  • All karts must have a current NTK safety tech tag.
  • All Classes: New or used tires allowed (NOTE: Tires will not be sold thru NTK for this race). Sealed Engines only.
  • All crews and drivers must follow and obey all safety rules on and off the track.
  • If kart recovery is needed on track, the Race Director will instruct Corner Workers to display a full-track yellow flag. No one may enter the track without express authorization by the Grid Steward.
  • Top 3 karts and engines will be subject to post tech. If a team refuses tech, the team will be automatically disqualified.
  • Fuel Tech will be conducted on all karts.
  • One fuel tank per kart - no additional fuel tanks or source of fuel.
  • No fuel additives permitted.
  • No chain oilers allowed.
  • Karts can be worked on, refueled and/or repaired for safety reasons ONLY during a pit stop.
  • A driver change must occur at each pit stop. 2 drivers minimum per team.
  • During a pit stop, the engine must be completely turned off before the driver exit the kart, any work is performed on the kart, or a driver change occurs.
  • Failure to make a safe and appropriate pit stop will result in disqualification from the event.
  • One spare front and rear tire allowed. All tires must be marked by Scales during the weigh-in after the last practice, prior to the Main Event.
  • Each Team and Kart must be weighed prior to and after the Main Event.
  • All lead must be painted white, attached to the kart, properly secured with team or driver name written on the weight prior to safety tech. There will be no adding or removing weight after safety inspection for safety reasons.
    ○ Kid Karts: each driver must complete a mandatory minimum of 20 laps
    ○ Junior 1 & Junior 2: each driver must complete a mandatory minimum of 25 laps
    ○ Seniors/Heavy: each driver must complete a mandatory minimum of 35 laps

The basic formula to determine the weight for each class is as follows: A + B = C.

  • A = kart weight in lbs.
  • B = drivers or driver weight in lbs. with full racing gear. Total drivers weight divided by the number of drivers.
  • C = total weight of kart plus drivers’ average weight should equal or greater to the class weights listed below.
    • C for Kid Karts is 160 lbs.
    • C for LO206 Junior 1 is 240 lbs.
    • C for LO206 Junior 2 is 310 lbs.
    • C for LO206 Senior is 360 lbs.
    • C for LO206 Heavy is 390 lbs.

Example: Heavy class with 4 drivers: A (203.75) + B (175 + 165+ 215+ 190) 745/4 = C
(driver wt. 186.25 + kart wt. 203.75) = 390 lbs. minimum class wt.

Drivers Spring 6

Name Class2nd Class
Mikayla Bradley206 Heavy
MikeEddolls206 Heavy
Results 1 - 2 of 2

2023 Class Champs

KidKart Honda Brennan Barsch
Tag Cadet 1 Dutch Westbrook
Tag Cadet 2 Sophia Sadigova
Tag Senior Ronald Mullins
LO206 Jr 1 Emmett Eddolls
LO206 Jr 2 Shelby Ramirez
LO206 Sr Landon Melson
LO206 Heavy Mikayla Bradley
100cc Junior Christian Ruiz
100cc Senior Alfredo Alvarez del Castillo
100cc Masters     Evan Kozak

Day Race Schedule

Day Races
9:00am Registration Opens
10:00am Controlled Practice
12:30pm Drivers Meeting

1:00 pm Racing Starts

Track Weather

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