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2nd Floor Banquet Room
There is a free parking lot behind the restaurant. You can use the rear entrance.

* Please consider:
The restaurant has agreed to host us as long as everyone orders the buffet dinner.Please plan to join us for your evening meal.


-> Nominations

Nominations may only be made in-person at the Dec meeting. Some were made at the Nov meeting.

-> Current Nominees

There are 5 Board of Director (BoD) positions available:

  • 2 one-year positions (backfilling BoD members that have resigned) and
  • 3 two-year positions for BoD positions that have fulfilled their term.

= Officers with official nominations that have been accepted:
President - DJ Ortiz
Vice President - Bob Schabel
Treasurer - Dan Esparza
Membership - Elizabeth Chappell
Communications - Greg Speed
Secretary - OPEN, Need a Nomination

= Official nominations that have accepted for BoD (alphabetical order):
Allen Bradley (two year term)
John Ray (one year term)
David Steinbrunner (two year term)
Luke Welker (two year term)

= Folks that have expressed interest in BoD and confirmed seeking nomination at the December 9th election:
Drew Busken
Gee Co'Torres


Location information

2021 Class Champs

KidKart Honda Tanner Barsch
Tag Cadet 1 Matthew Dukette
Tag Senior Dan Esparza
LO206 Jr 1 Emmett Eddolls
LO206 Jr 2 Philip Winegart
LO206 Sr Ethan Wolfe
LO206 Heavy Madison Knox
KA 100cc Junior   Ashlyn Speed
KA 100cc Senior Kingston Himes
KA 100cc Masters     John Towne
Shifter Kieran Broderick

Day Race Schedule

Day Races
10:00am Controlled Practice
12:30pm Drivers Meeting
1:00 pm Racing Starts

Upcoming Events


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm