TAG Cadet 2 OEM Carbs - NTK Ruling

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Matt Graybiel
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TAG Cadet 2 OEM Carbs - NTK Ruling

Post by Matt Graybiel » Tue May 05, 2015 9:32 am

Decision from the Board of Directors Meetings:
TAG Cadet 2 - the three engines defined in national 2015 TAG rules will be allowed to run with the 2015 OEM carb sold with the engine as it comes from the mfg.

MINI SWIFT -Tillotson HW-31A
MINI ROK - Dellorto PHBG-18BS
GAZELLE - Tillotson HW-31A

This will also be published in the newsletter.

Layman's terms - run the carb that came with the engine, from the manufacturer. If you try to run the Tillotson carb on a MINI ROK, the tech guy is not going to be happy.
Matt Graybiel

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