What gears & jetting to use?

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Jack McLemore
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What gears & jetting to use?

Post by Jack McLemore »

I am new to the 125 shifter.

#1 - Wondering if someone could give me the the gear setup to use at NTK and DKC?

#2 - Also, approx jetting to use on PWM?

#3 - Any other useful tips would be appreciated.
Mike Engstrom
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Re: What gears & jetting to use?

Post by Mike Engstrom »

NTK 16/26 will be real close, never been to the other track. Jetting I'd start with 168 main. But lots of variables
Matt Stephenson
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Re: What gears & jetting to use?

Post by Matt Stephenson »

168 if its 100+ like it has been, with the RLV V4, #6 slide, D needle. To start in the morning when its like 85, start at 172-175. Also worth noting that I run conservative nowadays. ;0)
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