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Newcomer and Oklahoman (Boomer Sooner!)

Discussion forum for 4-Cycle classes.

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Newcomer and Oklahoman (Boomer Sooner!)

Postby John Mayes » Sun Jun 16, 2013 11:38 am

Hey all. I wanted to introduce myself and start my learning.

My name is John Mayes. I'm 34 and live in Norman, OK. I'm new to Karting. As in I've drove some rentals like 3-4 times. Bottom line is I love it! Never raced, just ran them for fun, but myself and my 7 year old boy are enjoying it a ton.

I'm looking for somewhere local-ish. We have OMC here in Norman, and it's where I've drove so far. It's a fun course, and such, but not as much happening as you all. Plus your track looks really nice too!

I have a few questions to start and I hope I'm not being too much of a bother. There isn't much around locally for info so I'm hoping to impose on you all and perhaps become a regular with you all.

Neither my son nor I own a Kart yet. Again we have only drove the rentals (which were Chondas).

What would be a good way to get going? Out of pure sentiment, and American love I like the idea of a Animal class. Couple small roadblocks with that. 1: I think I'm a bit over the weight for that (I'm 6 ft 210lbs) and the Animals are a bit more expensive than the Chondas. I suppose I could run the Animal heavy, but just be a bit slower due to the weight.

I'm not hung up on winning and such. Really the main purpose of this all is spending time with my son, and building a hobby together. I don't care if he wins, or gets lapped a hundred times. I want us to have fun together. Don't get me wrong I'm very competitive (played college baseball) and want to excel at all I do, but it's not the main goal here.

It's a drive down there, but not that bad. We can practice here in Norman at OMC as well. Let me throw out some questions in a logical format so it makes it easier for those who might offer some suggestions and thoughts:

1: What is a good class to get going on for not too much money for myself and my Son? My son, Sawyer, is 7. He is also new to the sport of course, is 4' 4" and 60 lbs.

2: How do practice and such work at NTK? Could we show up and just practice on days no one is racing or?

3: I'm fine with slowly putting a Kart together if I could find a reasonable affordable chassis, but I suppose an almost ready Kart would be cheaper in the long run (although maybe not as much fun)

4: Would the box Stock Animal class with it's 350lb weight still be accessible to a guy who would probably be around 380? Heck it might prompt me to lose a few pounds! (although I'm a good size around 190lbs)Meaning could I run in that class even if I'm slower due to weight?

5: Comparing the Chonda to the Animal class is the only real price difference the motor? Because if it is the extra $500 or whatever that doesn't sound too bad.

Ok enough questions for now. Thanks for letting me poke my head in here fellas. Hope to hear from you soon.
John Mayes
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Re: Newcomer and Oklahoman (Boomer Sooner!)

Postby Kevin Crowe » Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:20 pm

Hi John,

It looks like you are about to get hooked like so many of us have with this karting thing. When deciding on what you want to race it obviously comes down to what you want to spend and how much experience you have. The 4 stroke classes are very good for teaching you to drive. The motors are relatively low maintenance, which is a real plus when you are trying to get your son involved. The time you spend working on your sons kart will probably be more important and with the 4 strokes you usually just have to change the oil once you have it where you want it. Animal or chonda? The chonda is less expensive, but less quality, however they are very reliable. The Animals are more expensive, better quality and also very reliable. I have raced in the chonda the past few years and recently moved on, wanting to learn more in a different class. The chonda has a 385 weight class, not sure about Animal. You can always run over the minimum weight but obviously be at a disadvantage.

You can become a member of the club and get a key to the track and practice anytime there is not a race going on. Big plus! In addition you can accumulate points and based on the amount of races you enter, you can be eligible for prizes at the year end banquet.

Right now, your son would run in the kid kart class until he is 8. From there the next classes are in cadet size chassis', when you decide on starting racing will determine which chassis he will need.

I hope I answered some of your questions. Come out to the track and check it out sometime. We have a race this weekend. ;)
Kevin Crowe
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Kevin Crowe
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Re: Newcomer and Oklahoman (Boomer Sooner!)

Postby Kelly Griffith » Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:01 am

Hi John,
I am glad to hear that you are wanting to get into karting. My son is 8 and started when he was 4. It has been a really fun and rewarding experience. We just made our first race at NTK last weekend and it was awesome. We live in Odessa Texas. If you are interested, I have a kid kart for sale. It is a 2010 Biesse chassis with a Tillet seat and a Comet built and blueprinted Komer 50cc engine. It is unfortunately ready to race and only has 4 races on the new engine. It could probably use some newer tires. The tires that are on it still have about half of the tread left but have been sitting for a little while. I am asking $1800 for the kart and would like to see it being used. You can text me for some pics or any other info @ 432-559-0970 or send me an email: I hope you enjoy your son's racing experience as much as I have enjoyed mine.
Kelly Griffith
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