Are you interested in kart racing? Not sure what to do or who to talk to? Want to test it out?

We offer one-time “test drives.” Simply schedule a time to come up to the track and meet with one of our qualified instructors at NO COST.

We will:

  • Discuss the proper kart racing class for your age and interests
  • Instruct you on safety
  • Provide you a racing kart, racing suit, helmet and other safety gear for the session
  • Guide you through getting on the track and putting in some laps

The session is completely free. We prefer to do them on Friday nights or Saturdays. A great outing is to schedule the test drive after a club race, so you can experience the race day excitement, see all of the different karting classes and end it with a fun drive.

Safety is our utmost concern during these sessions. Rest assured that you will be taken care of. Parents, we are very careful with test drives for children and teens. Children in the “kid kart” age range will initially have the kart tethered to the instructor in case of the need for an emergency stop.

We will provide you all of the information you need to make an informed decision if you desire to pursue kart racing. We have two race teams at our track who are also available to guide and help you at whatever level of support you need or want.

Call Bob at 940-230-4334 to arrange a test drive.

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2022 Class Champs

KidKart Honda Dutch Westbrook
Tag Cadet 1 Emerson Laine
Tag Cadet 2 David Ybarra
Tag Senior Dan Esparza
LO206 Jr 1 Christopher Tracey
LO206 Jr 2 Alfred Alvarez del Castillo
LO206 Sr Ava Elder
LO206 Heavy Nick Miller
100cc Junior Justin Music
100cc Senior Andy Miller
100cc Masters     Luke Klinker
Shifter Bob Schabel

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