NTK uses an AMB TranX 160 Timing System and Software. Transponders are required for all classes.

The TranX160 system was specially developed for the timing and scoring of competition go-karting. The TranX160 system ensures high reliability and accuracy as proven by the major kart race sanctioning bodies around the world. Currently used by WKA, IKF, Superkarts! USA, and most kart tracks and clubs throughout the world. The key to the TranX160 system is the Personal Transponder that sends out a unique 7-digit number registered to each competitor.

AMB TranX160 Transponder

There are over 2 million different numbers so a Personal Transponder can be sold to each racer in the club. A detection loop embedded in the track at the start/finish line receives the signal and sends it to a decoder in the timing and scoring tower. The decoder identifies the number and sends the information to AMB software that registers the competitor along with the passing time and other data. AMB guarantees complete reliability that each transponder will be detected with an accuracy of 0.003 seconds. The AMB software provides practice, qualifying, and race results during and after each event.

In conjunction with the AMB hardware, the club uses the Lightning Event Management System to handle registration and timing and scoring. The Lightning system includes registration and pre-registration for the race. Once registration is complete, the system generates gridsheets, tech pages and a variety of other reports necessary to the running of the event. The registration information merges into the timing system. The timing system provides accurate timing of the races, down to the thousandth of a second, eliminating debate over who won a race. Results from the timing system generates race result reports, lap times are exported for reporting and posting on the website.

The personal transponder kit includes the transponder, plastic holder and clip, charger cradle, charger plug for your vehicle, and charger plug for your home. AMB provides a warranty of 3 years on the transponders and their batteries. An additional warranty of up to 8 years can be purchased from AMB at a very low price.

You can purchase an AMB TranX 160 transponder from a local kart shop. 

If you already own an AMB TranX 160 Transponder, please provide your transponder information at registration and they will enter it into the software database.
Please include the following information when registering your transponder:

First Name:
Last Name:
Kart Number:
Transponder Number(if known):
Kart Make:

2023 Class Champs

KidKart Honda Brennan Barsch
Tag Cadet 1 Dutch Westbrook
Tag Cadet 2 Sophia Sadigova
Tag Senior Ronald Mullins
LO206 Jr 1 Emmett Eddolls
LO206 Jr 2 Shelby Ramirez
LO206 Sr Landon Melson
LO206 Heavy Mikayla Bradley
100cc Junior Christian Ruiz
100cc Senior Alfredo Alvarez del Castillo
100cc Masters     Evan Kozak

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