Proper Safety Gear

A Full-face helmet, driving suit, neck brace, gloves, and proper shoes are MANDATORY equipment for all competitors.

  • Helmet: Must be full face, with eye protection, certified helmet, see IKF rules section below
  • Gloves: A leather or Racing type glove is recommended.
  • Neck Brace: Must fit properly and be free of any defects.
  • Suit: An approved driving suit is recommended, however, jeans and a long sleeve jacket are permitted, provided they are deemed safe by the Race Director or Pre- Tech Safety Inspection.
  • Shoes: A Racing shoe is recommended, however, a high-top tennis shoe or boot is acceptable.
  • Rib vest is optional, but REQUIRED for ages 12 and under.

IKF 105.1.6 Driver Protective Clothing: Head Gear: Full coverage (full face) helmets designed for competitive motorsports use are mandatory and must comply with one of the following:

Snell Foundation Specifications   
  Legal Until
CMS 2007 (youth helmet)
CMR 2007 (youth helmet)
M 2010
  12/20/19 - EXPIRED
12/20/19 - EXPIRED
12/20/2021 Not approved for Champ Karts
SA/K 2010
CM 2016
K 2015
M 2015
SA 2015
12/20/2026 Not approved for Champ Karts
Note: All models of Snell 2000 and 2005 helmets are no longer legal.  
SFI Specifications   Legal Until
24.1/2010 (youth helmet)
24.1/2013 (youth helmet)
12/20/2021 Not approved for Champ Karts
12/20/2024 Not approved for Champ Karts
Note: All models of SFI specification helmets prior to 2010 are no longer legal.


Driving Suit Chart

driving suit sizing chart1

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2020 Class Champs

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LO206 Jr 1 Matthew Dukette
LO206 Jr 2 Caiden Wolfe
LO206 Sr Adrian Cruz
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100cc Jr Brayden Robertson
100cc Senior Adrian Cruz
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