Click here to download a zip file of the data acquisition and analysis files from the AiM LearnFast 2015. The large download includes sample data, software, firmware, tech datasheets, pinouts, manuals, guides, PDFs, and more. (476MB)

Data Aquisition 101 - Presentation from Cloud 9 Motorsports

  • Purpose & Function
  • Measured Parameters
  • Analysis Software
  • System Schematic
  • Orientation
  • Sensors & Accessories
  • Wheel Speed Sonsors
  • GPS
  • To Download or Not to Download?
  • Set Up at the Track
  • After Each Session
  • Data Records
  • Track Map
  • Lap Time Analysis
  • Split Time Report
  • Lap Comparison
  • Lateral & Longitudinal Acceleration
  • Channel Report
  • FAQ

Originally presented at NTK by Jeff Cloud on May 9, 2008.

How to Align and Scale Your Kart - Article by National Karting News

scale_kart Steering Alignment
  • Tools
  • Squaring process
  • Adjusting toe
  • Mark steering shaft & upper steering support


Scaling Your Kart

  • Scales and tools
  • Leveling, zeroing & calibrating scales
  • Front & back weight percentages
  • Equation to calculate front weight percentage
  • Kart preparation before scaling
  • Squaring kart on scales
  • Lead distribution
  • Hardware needed
  • Frame alignment

The Art of Installing a Seat - Article by National Karting News

Installing a Kart Seat
  • Selecting the right seat size
  • Mounting hardware
  • Tools
  • Seat mounting location
  • Adjusting seat attachments
    Tip: Try using a piece of tubing or pipe over the 
    seat attachment & use it as a lever to slowly move the
    seat attachment instead of using mallet blows to move it.
  • Adjusting attachment tabs
  • Measure twice, drill once
  • Seat struts
  • Note the Bell helmet ad in the article featuring NTK member Devin Mauk!