2024 Track Improvement Project

The Track Improvement plan passed the membership vote with 94% support. We have enough money right now for the Accessibility Improvements and Track Resurfacing. With your additional donations, we can make Track Expansion a reality!

Track Expansion Outline Black


Donation Benefits & Rewards

ALL funds raised go toward track expansion. If the amount raised isn’t enough to expand the track now, the funds will be earmarked for expansion (or other track improvement priorities selected by membership) when the funds are sufficient.


  • The FIRST 15 CONTRIBUTORS who donate $1000+ will receive a wooden commemorative plaque and a piece of the current pavement from the start / finish line. CLAIMED
  • Everyone donating at least $555 will receive an acrylic commemorative plaque.

DONOR LEVEL RECOGNITION, posted in the Tech Barn

  • BRONZE: $500 - $999
  • SILVER: $1000 - $2499
  • GOLD: $2500 - $4999
  • PLATINUM: $5000 - $9999
  • DIAMOND: $10k+ (please contact a member of NTK Leadership)

DONATIONS REWARDS options include:

  • Donations over $100 -- Complete donation towards 1st Laps Auction
  • Donations of at least $1000 --
    • Complete donation towards 1st Laps Auction, OR
    • Apply towards 2025 NTK Membership Dues (value up to $395) & remainder to 1st Laps Auction, OR
    • Apply towards Race Entry Fees for all Fall 2024 race series (value up to $440) & remainder to 1st Laps Auction
    • General Donation, any amount